Nita Strauss Praises Demi Lovato For Helping Her Not Relapse

Guitarist Nita Strauss recently appeared in an interview with Guitar World to discuss health and childhood. While talking about her time on the road with Demi Lovato, the guitarist revealed that Lovato was on her side when she was recovering from the knee surgery she had last year. She said:

“Demi has been a huge ally on my journey. When I was recovering from knee surgery, I had to take pain pills for a few days. Demi was the first person to reach out and ask how I was feeling and whether I was triggered in any way or needed anything.”

She then recalled Lovato sending one of her bandmates to check on Strauss:

“That struck me as incredible because she’s one of the biggest stars in the world, and she took the time to reach out to one of her band members, check in, and make sure my recovery was doing okay.”

Although the guitarist hurt her knee, she still performed on stage with a torn meniscus for eight months. Strauss then couldn’t go on anymore and had to undergo surgery towards the end of last year. She has been under physical therapy for quite some time now.

While recovering, the guitarist released her latest album, ‘The Call Of The Void,’ which you can listen to down below.