Julian Lennon Explains The Only Way He Could Sing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

The iconic Beatle John Lennon’s son Julian Lennon recently talked about singing his father’s song ‘Imagine’ and stated that adapting the song according to his personal music style was his only choice.

After Russia’s president Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine on February 24 and put the country’s residents under challenging circumstances, homes were destroyed. People lost their lives; some Ukraine residents managed to escape the country while others stayed and fought or hid in shelters. This created a massive sensation globally, and governments began to show their support for Ukraine.

Celebrities from all over the world also showed their support for Ukraine, knowing that their influence can help raise awareness. They have arranged concerts and raised money to be donated to people who had to leave their home country. Most rockstars also showed their support through social media. The late John Lennon’s son Julian Lennon recently showed his support by singing his father’s iconic song ‘Imagine.’

In an interview with Elton John’s Rocket Hour, Julian talked about his decision to cover ‘Imagine.’ He stated that he would only sing the song if it was the end of the world. For him, what Ukraine was going through seemed like the end of the world. Hence, he found it appropriate to sing ‘Imagine’ for this cause.

Lennon added that he was dreading the day he sang this song. He had the ‘Imagine’ card on his sleeve, and he used it at an appropriate time. Julian also mentioned the only way he could cover his father’s iconic song. He stated that he wanted to take the song away from the piano and do it as raw, as unproduced as possible.

Here is what he explained:

“Let me tell you since I’ve been in the business, I’ve kind of been dreading the day. Because I’d always said that I would only actually sing it if it felt like it was the end of the world, in many respects.

After watching what’s been going on over the past couple of years, and especially recently with Russia and Ukraine, the people of Global Citizen said, ‘Got anything up your sleeve?’ And I’ve been watching the horrors on TV, as we all have. I just felt this is it. And once I’d said yes, if you thought I had anxiety before, once I’d said, yes, I went, ‘Oh, my God, how am I going to do this, that honors it, and is different and is my own take, but still respects it in every way, shape or form?’

For me, the only way I could do that was, take it away from the piano, the plunky piano, and do it as raw, as unproduced as possible, and as heartfelt as possible.”

You can watch the cover below.