Nita Strauss Asks Fans If It’s Weird To Wear Her Mortal Kombat Inspired Mask On The Upcoming Tours

Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss took her official Instagram account to share a new post and consulted her followers about a new appearance she could wear on stage.

As you might already know, Nita is one of the few musicians who love to interact with their followers on social media, and this time, she asked an interesting question to her followers.

In the post, Nita revealed that she has been considering wearing a mask on the next show that features a Mortal Combat figure, and she hasn’t decided what to do yet.

Also, Nita shared a video from the past event that she was wearing a similar mask and hoodie to show what she could be like and said that she really missed playing in front of the audience.

Here is what Nita Strauss captioned:

“Will it be weird to wear my Mortal Kombat inspired Kylla Custom Rock Wear mask when we go on tour again? Legitimately wondering… thoughts? I do feel like I was very, very ahead of the trend here 😆😷

I left the rest of the solo in the video because it’s fun and I miss playing it.”

You can check out the post by clicking here.