Neil Young Releases His ‘Lost’ Album ‘Summer Songs’

Neil Young has recently shared his previously unreleased album titled ‘Summer Songs’ on his Archives website. The album contains eight tracks recorded in 1987. It was announced that the album will be also available as a CD in early 2022.

Neil Young launched his project The Neil Young Archives, which features both released and also unreleased recordings of him. Later on, Young turned it into a website in which he included his all recordings. The Archives didn’t just include the recordings, but also there was some footage of unseen photos and concert films.

Young had recently announced that he found an unreleased record from 1987, called ‘Summer Songs.’ He wasn’t sure about the exact date of the recording but he would look into it. Neil Young had also stated that he doesn’t remember the recording session of it.

After announcing the existence of such an album, Neil Young finally released it in the Neil Young Archives. The tracks are just available for subscribers right now but the album will also be on general sale in the upcoming months. According to the announcement on the website, ‘Summer Songs’ will be a part of  Young’s Disc 13 of Volume 3, which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

Here is the announcement made on the Neil Young Archives:


This special NYA gift of ‘Summer Songs’ is for all NYA members. ‘Summer Songs’ will be Disc 13 of Volume 3 of the Neil Young Archives, to be released in mid-2022 by reprise records. We wanted you to have an idea of what is coming in Volume 3! ‘Summer Songs’ is 8 fresh tracks!

‘Summer Songs’ was originally recorded in 44.1 CD quality, will also be available as a CD in early 2022 for those NYA members wishing to have the tangible copy. Only available here at NYA.”

It is beyond doubt that this unreleased album made the fans very excited. Neil Young also released his latest studio album, ‘Barn,’ on December 10, 2021. After almost two weeks, Young came back with another recording and he is also planning to go to the studio for another record in the following days.