Mark Evans: AC/DC Was Malcolm’s Band

Former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans recently looked back on his friendship with Bon Scott and Angus Young.

Mark Evans shared memories of Scott during a recent interview on Rock FM. Evans admitted being initially surprised by Scott’s age and recalled being warned about who the leader of the band was. He explained:

“When I first joined the band, I was told, ‘This is Malcolm’s band.’ Malcolm was the leader of the band. It was his vision. He was very much the strongman. But, as with all brothers, they don’t always agree. So, there were some very loud turns between the brothers — but that’s just brothers; they grew up together, so typical brothers.”

What Would Evans Tell Angus Young Today?

During the same interview, Evans revealed that the rest of the members and he lost contact a long time ago. He was asked what he would say to Angus Young today if they were still in touch. Evans replied:

“I’d give him a hug and say, ‘Hi, how you doing?’ I’m still a fan of the band. It’s a great band. And if I have one regret regarding the band, it’s that over the years, we have lost contact. Obviously, we were all good friends while we were together in that lineup. It’s because we have different lives. I don’t have any contact with the guys at all these days. But they’re great guys and I missed them.”

The Lineup Is ‘Exactly How It Should Be’

In an earlier interview, the bassist was asked about his thoughts on the band’s lineup. He mentioned the day he got fired and how he realized he ‘wasn’t the right guy’ for the band, but Cliff Williams was instead:

“After I got sacked from the band, it became pretty obvious I wasn’t the right guy for the band, and it’s very obvious that Cliff [Williams] is. That’s one of the things I’m really pleased with.

When asked about the current bassist Williams’ retirement, he said:

“Oh, man. Well, yeah, you can understand that completely. But that’s one thing I’ve mentioned before, I think the lineup of the band now is exactly how it should be.”