Neil Young Says He Discovered An Unreleased Record,’ Summer Songs’

Neil Young has recently announced on his Archives website that he just found a lost album titled ‘Summer Songs’ in his own personal vault.

Neil Young is mostly known as a part-time member of Crosby, Stills & Nash, but he also has a prolific solo music career. The 76-year-old musician is active in the music scene for almost six decades, so it is no surprise that Young has a great number of musical materials in his catalog.

Back in 2019, Neil Young has launched a longtime project named ‘The Neil Young Archives’ which eventually developed into a website. It started as several archival releases which feature unreleased recordings as well as his previous studio releases. The Archives also included limited footage of concert films, exclusive photos, and musical material.

Released on June 19, 2020, Neil Young’s 40th studio album ‘Homegrown’ is also included on ‘Neil Young Archives Volume II: 1972–1976’ as part of his Archives project. The long-lost album was prepared for release in 1975 but remained unreleased in Young’s vault for many years.

Recently, Neil Young announced that he found another unreleased record from 1987 in his archive, titled ‘Summer Songs.’ Although he said he is not sure of the original dates of the recordings, Young revealed that he will do research to verify the recording history.

According to the musician, he doesn’t even remember the recording sessions of the album. He stated that every song that belonged to ‘Summer Songs’ was played with acoustic guitar, piano, or with simple embellishments, and it’s a delight to listen to. Following that, Young said the album will be included in his next archival volume. 

Neil Young’s announcement on his Archives website read:

“We have recently found a collection of originals from 1987 named ‘Summer Songs’ at the time of recording. That time was about 35 years ago. We are not sure of the exact original dates of these recordings yet. They were all given the same date in the NYA Vault’s records, but they all have a very similar unique sound. To give you an idea of place and time, Farm Aid and the Bridge School Concerts had just begun their long runs.

This group of songs had just been written and put down in the studio at Broken Arrow (as far as we can figure). We cannot completely be sure of the engineer who was recording these, and I don’t remember the sessions at all! Every song in the collection was with acoustic guitar or piano and simply added embellishments — sketches of arrangements we made to preserve the initial ideas.

These originals were first introduced in their final master versions on the albums ‘Freedom,’ ‘American Dream,’ ‘Psychedelic Pill,’ and ‘Harvest Moon.’ They will be included in NYA Volume 3 and may be released as a separate Archive album before that. It is a beautiful listen, created over a short period of time, that influenced four albums.

‘The Last of His Kind,’ ‘For the Love of Man,’ ‘American Dream,’ ‘Name of Love,’ ‘Someday,’ ‘One of These Days,’ ‘Hangin’ on a Limb’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’ are the original eight performances. The words of these originals are significantly different from their subsequent master album releases in many cases. Several completely new and unheard verses are found in the songs of this collection.

Research is still being done to completely verify the recording history.”

As it seems, the unreleased collection includes songs ‘The Last Of His Kind,’ ‘For The Love Of Man,’ ‘American Dream,’ ‘Name Of Love,’ ‘Someday,’ ‘One Of These Days,’ ‘Hanging’ On A Limb,’ and “Wrecking Ball.’ The forthcoming record will also include some never-before-heard recordings. Although there isn’t a set release date, it is no doubt that fans are eager to listen to this gem.