Slash Says Keith Richards Pulled A Butterfly Knife On Him

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash joined an interview with Revolver’s Fan First during which he remembered the time he first met The Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards and how he pulled a butterfly knife on him.

In 1979, when he was 14, Slash decided to form a band with Steven Adler. Although it never happened, this decision helped Slash to pick up an instrument as he decided to learn how to play bass. Young Slash then began taking classes, but he changed his mind and switched to guitar playing after hearing his teacher play The Rolling Stones’ ‘Brown Sugar.’

Back in those days, Slash made up his mind to become a guitar player after he heard of Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones. He then began his career in Guns N’ Roses in 1985. After releasing their ‘Appetite For Destruction’ album, the band had a chance to open for The Rolling Stones during the Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle Tour.

Often compared to the early Rolling Stones due to their rebelliousness, Guns N’ Roses were massively inspired by the iconic rock band. During many of their performances, they covered The Rolling Stones songs, and in December 1994, they also released a cover of the band’s ‘Sympathy For The Devil.’

In an interview on Revolver’s Fan First, Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist Slash recalled the time he first met Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. He said that Ronnie Wood introduced them and took him to Richard’s hotel room. Moreover, the guitarist remembered Richards pulled his butterfly knife on him and flashed it around. As Slash said, it was kind of a funny and interesting first meeting.

Recalling the first time he met Keith Richards, Slash told Revolver’s Fan First the following:

“The first time I ever really personally met Keith, you know, he was great, but he pulled a fucking switchblade on me. Ronnie Wood introduced us and took me to Keith’s hotel room. He sort of motioned me over, and then he put a butterfly knife and flashed it around. I was like, ‘Cool!’ I didn’t know what I was supposed to react to that, but it was a funny, sort of auspicious kind of first meeting.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.