Nikki Sixx Shares The Scientific Proof That He’s The Most Important Member Of Mötley Crüe


Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx shared a post on his official Instagram stories revealing an article by Rolling Stone Australia that claims the bass player to be the most significant member of a band. While sharing the scientific article with his fans, Sixx humorously stated that he has been telling this fact to his band members for years.

As many of you know, most of the time the bass players in a band are neglected by many fans as they are often more focused on the lead singer or the lead guitarist as the band’s representative. Being the ‘quiet’ members of the band, bassists need more appreciation according to many music critics, and there’s scientific research to prove that.

It’s a widely known fact that music can empower its listener and every song has a different effect on people. Researchers found that the levels of bass are a key factor in their effectiveness with research that included 31 pieces of music from several genres. The listeners identified the highest power and lowest power songs among the list after listening and the results are surprising.

The research also included separate experiments to look at one structural component of music that might explain the music-power effect, bass levels. The results revealed that those who listened to heavy-bass music experience more feelings of power than those listening to low-bass music. In conclusion, it was revealed that the power of music is directly linked to the bass, therefore, the bass player.

After seeing the article published by Rolling Stone Australia on the research with the title ‘Science says the bassist is the most important member of a band,‘ Mötley Crüe bassist felt the need to share it with his fans via an Instagram story. While revealing the good news for him with his followers, Nikki Sixx stated that he has been sharing this information with his bands for years now.

Nikki Sixx’s humorous comment follows:

“I’ve been telling my bands this for years.”

You can see the Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Nikki Sixx – Instagram Stories