Gene Simmons Addresses The Beatles Song That ‘Grabbed Him’

The early ’60s rock sound was defined by the use of various instruments and back vocals. So, when the Beatles debuted, their simple melodies and tunes were perceived as a breath of fresh air. KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently discussed this particular quality of the cult act with the Guardian and revealed that the simple rhythm of one of their songs caught his attention as a teenager.

The Beatles’ reputation as a legendary act was perhaps established because of the band’s clean and rather simple sound combined with impressive lyrics. At least 13-year-old Gene Simmons would agree with this statement. The musician recently revealed that his teenage self initially didn’t know what to think upon hearing one particular song by the British band.

The song in question was ‘Love Me Do,’ and Simmons remarked that, as a young boy, he didn’t understand the track’s dynamics. The instruments were simply and sparsely used. The bassist explained that American hit songs of the era were filled with various instruments and featured back vocals and different sounds. So, that was why the track initially felt strange but still had a ‘familiar ring’ to it.

Gene Simmons revealed his initial thoughts upon hearing the track:

“When my 13-year-old ears heard ‘Love Me Do,’ I didn’t know what to make of it. The instrumentation was sparse: harmonica, two guitars, bass, and drums. American pop hits were produced with lots of background singers, horns, violins, and percussion, and yet, the song had a familiar ring to it.”

The KISS bassist exclaimed that he realized the influence of The Everly Brothers on the track years later. Even though ‘Love Me Do’ wasn’t as successful as its peers, such as ‘She Loves You’ and ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand,’ it caught Simmons’ attention. The lyrics consisted of simple rhymes, and the ‘odd little’ song impressed him.

The bassist continued his words with the following:

“Years later, I recognized the homage to the Everly Brothers’ approach to harmonies. ‘Love Me Do’ wasn’t earth-shattering in the way ‘She Loves You’ and ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ would be. The lyrics were simple rhymes of ‘do,’ ‘you,’ and ‘true,’ but this odd little song grabbed me.”

Simmons’ thirteen-year-old self was impressed with the simplicity of the tunes. It’s apparent from Gene Simmons’ statements that the Beatles significantly impacted the music industry of their time by achieving a simple, mesmerizing sound. Even though many first perceived their sound in confusion, just like the KISS icon, the world would soon experience Beatlemania.