Alice Cooper Confirms Rock And Roll Is Not The Apex Of Music Now But Believes Rock Will Survive

The legendary musician, Alice Cooper unveiled his perspective on the longtime debate about the future of Rock and Roll. He also showed his support to the next-generation rock stars admitting that the genre isn’t at its best times in his interview with The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

As you have already known, the debate about whether Rock is dead or not was started by KISS bassist, Gene Simmons. In one of his previous statements, Simmons stated that rock is dead because there is no such band that can replace The Beatles. He also highlighted that the next generation rock bands couldn’t have that chance due to people’s choosing to use online music platforms.

Greta Van Fleet members reacted to this statement saying that rock is an elastic genre and it is their time to recreate and bend the old rules of Rock and Roll. Also, in his interview with Heavy Consequence, Black Sabbath guitarist, Tony Iommi stated that he didn’t agree with Simmons showing Metallica’s longtime fanbase as proof of the rock music’s power.

In addition to them, Alice Cooper also reflected his ideas on the current status of rock and roll and next-generation rock stars. He admitted that Rock and Roll isn’t at its best times but he believed that the new rock bands deserve a chance to prove themselves. He recalled the times when they first started playing and they were labeled as pirates. So, Rock and Roll can be taken to the apex by the new rock stars if people believe and support them.

Here’s what Alice Cooper stated:

“No. First of all, there are kids right now in garages all over the world learning Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith, and rock ‘n’ roll is kind of in an interesting place right now because now rock ‘n’ roll is on the outside looking in, and it’s not the apex of music right now.

It sort of gives these young bands a chance to be the outlaws again. Because remember, when we first started, rock ‘n’ roll was not – we were the pirates, kind of looking in at the party with our nose at the window.

And then all of a sudden we became mainstream, and now we’re back to being outlaws again.”

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