Nancy Wilson Shares What Jerry Cantrell Wanted To Learn From Her

Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson spoke in a recent interview with Chris Jericho and talked about the time when she first met Jerry Cantrell.

In the conversation, Nancy pointed out that it was the time when Mother Love Bone guitarist Andrew Wood passed away, and all the musicians gathered in honor of the late guitarist. This was when they met all the members of Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees, Nirvana, Mudhoney, and Chris Cornell. They all mourned the death of Andrew Wood together.

Afterward, the Heart guitarist stated that they started to hang out even more with those musicians and revealed that they would get together at parties. At one of these parties, Jerry Cantrell asked her how to play the intro of one of her songs.

While revealing that she taught him how to play the song, Nancy also praised Jerry’s talents. The musician said that he loved the dissonant type of playing, at which he is just better than anybody.

Nancy Wilson on her experience with Jerry Cantrell:

“It was right about the time when Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone OD’d, and a mutual friend, Kelly Curtis, who was the manager of Mother Love Bone, then Pearl Jam until just recently…

He said, ‘Oh, you got to come to this service, we’re gonna have a celebration of Andrew Wood live, bring your dogs to this house and meet the guys.’ We all converged in this place, and everybody was really primal, and it’s happy but sad, you’re crying and laughing, and we met all those guys.”

She continued:

“Chris Cornell, all the Alice in Chains guys, Screaming Trees, we met Mudhoney, all of the cool bands of the time – and the Nirvana guys – and so we all came together in over the loss of a great rock singer.

And we got to know them, then we started hanging out more, we’d have parties, guys like Jerry Cantrell would be there, he’d be like, ‘Show me how to play the beginning of this song.’

Because he loved all that dissonant type of playing, at which he is just better than anybody. So I showed him the stuff, and they were really forgiving and cool and supportive about what we’ve all been through.”

You can check out the full conversation below.