Myles Kennedy Admits He Didn’t Expect His Slash Collab To Last That Long


Myles Kennedy answered Anne Erickson’s questions for Audio Ink radio and revealed that he didn’t predict that his partnership with Slash would continue in the long haul.

The Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy and Slash have been teaming up since 2010. Kennedy joined Slash on his first solo album, and after the duo clicked, they formed the band Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Since then, they have toured the world and taken the stage for award shows, tributes, and charity events.

As of now, Myles Kennedy is preparing for the release of his upcoming album ‘Pawns & Kings‘ with Alter Bridge which will drop on October 14, 2022. On the other hand, Slash is on a South America tour with Guns N’ Roses, and their next several performances will take place in Brazil.

Kennedy recently joined Anne Erickson’s podcast and disclosed what the future might hold for him. When Erickson asked about his collaboration with Slash, he explained that they initially started working together for the guitarist’s solo record, and Myles didn’t think it would evolve into a long-term partnership. He then stated that the musician invited him to his other projects, including joining the guitarist on his world tour, and the rest just took off.

The Alter Bridge frontman on whether Slash is in it for the long haul with his solo career:

”I honestly don’t know. I think that we’re all really grateful, and to some degree, I don’t want to say surprised by the run that we had, but… When I first signed on to do ‘Starlight’ back in 2009, and then we ended up doing ‘Back To Cali,’ I thought that would pretty much be it.

Slash then said, ‘Let’s do a tour together.’ and I thought ‘Okay, we’ll be on a tour and that would be it.’ If you’ve told me twelve years down the road, thirteen years down the road, and we would have this long run; made multiple records and toured the world a number of times, I would’ve been blown away. So, I guess time will tell how that continues.”

You can watch the entire interview below.