Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee Shows Off His New High-End Ferrari He Spends A Fortune For It

In a post on his Instagram account, Mötley Crüe drummer and car enthusiast Tommy Lee showed the Ferrari F8 Tributo he bought which is worth $280,000.

Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, who also has the biggest net worth among his bandmates, is known for not only his musician persona but also his enthusiasm for cars. It is known that he owns a respective car collection and it appears he does not hesitate to spend money on cars. The degree of his car obsession is seen considering the expensive and classic cars he owns.

As for the cars he owns, he has a 1968 Chevy Impala worth $10,000 that he still enjoys driving, and he spent $40,000 on it for customizing. He also had a Ferrari Testarossa with a license plate that read ‘ROCKNROL.’ Now Lee’s collection mostly consists of Rolls Royce (he has five of them) along with a Karma Fisker hybrid sports car. Apart from those, he owns a Ferrari, an Audi, and a Maybach.

Recently, Tommy Lee posted a photo of his Ferrari F8 Tributo on his Instagram, saying he bought the car 4 months ago from Ferrari. He then added that the car left Italy today, on June 20, and he will get it in a month.

Tommy Lee’s post read:

“I ordered her 4 months ago from Ferrari and she finally left Italy today! See ya in a month!! Ferrari F8 Tributo and coming straight to you, iPe Performance Exhaust.”

The photos of the car that he posted are below.

Photo Credit: Tommy Lee – Instagram


Photo Credit: Tommy Lee – Instagram