Oli Sykes Feels Sorry For The Young Artists Due To Social Media Responsibility

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes recently spoke to Kerrang for an interview and admitted being sorry for the young generation of musicians because they have a responsibility towards social media.

In today’s world, almost everything depends on social media. Due to that, marketing, the music industry, politics, and business relations gave the utmost importance to social media platforms. Moreover, artists and businesses hire employees known as social media experts to promote themselves. These people decide what they should post on the platforms to become prominent.

Without proper social media use, it’s almost impossible for a person or company to rise in success. Since marketing through posts is essential for recognition, record labels even require musicians to agree to be active on almost every platform. In a recent interview with Kerrang, Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes also touched upon this issue.

Oli Sykes stated that he feels sorry for young artists because labels pressure them about their social media presence. Resembling this to a full-time gig, Sykes then said it’s a massive responsibility for a young artist to be a musician and an actor at the same time.

Speaking to Kerrang, Oli Sykes said the following:

I feel sorry for this generation of artists. Most labels want you to do skits for TikTok or think about your social media presence, which alone is a full-time gig. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a new artist and have that responsibility. It’s not just making music. You’ve also got to be an actor, almost. I’m watching it with my wife now, and it’s mad.”

So, Oli Sykes believes that it’s not enough for an artist to be a talented musician; they also need to be an actor to rise in success in today’s world. Expecting artists to take this responsibility is pretty mad if you ask him.