Steve Lukather Describes New Solo Album As Closest Thing To New Toto Record

Toto fans! Guitarist and founding member Steve Lukather has heard your cries and is offering up a musical treat that’s as close to a Toto album you can get. Lukather has decided to step into the spotlight with a solo album that aims to quench the thirst of the band’s devoted fanbase and he announced it on his Instagram account.

Toto, a band known for their legendary hits and diverse soundscapes, has left fans eagerly anticipating new material since their 2018 album ‘Old is New.’ The record marked their 40th anniversary and featured a collection of previously unreleased tracks. Lukather also had previously revealed that Toto will not release another record ever again in an interview on Misplaced Straws. which was big news for the fans and they were very disappointed. To suck away their disappointment, Steve Lukather created a solo album.

The singer took to Instagram to make the big announcement, giving insight into his intentions with the upcoming album. Addressing the Toto fans directly, Lukather explained that his new solo album would serve as a bridge between his own work and the music of Toto. He wanted to create something that would satiate the appetite of the fans who have been patiently waiting for new material from the iconic band.

Lukather shared the following words in his Instagram post:

“‘When I See You Again’ is out now. It’s the first single off of my upcoming album ‘Bridges’ which will be released on Friday June 16, 2023. My ninth solo album, ‘Bridges,’ could not be more accurately titled. I see it as a bridge between my solo music and Toto music. This is as close as we will get to a new Toto record. ‘Bridges’ is available to pre-order now.”

Now it’s time to rejoice as Steve Lukather delivers a taste of what you’ve been missing. While it may not be a full-fledged Toto album, ‘Bridges’ promises to fill the void and bring that familiar sound back into your life. Mark your calendars for June 16th, and let the sweet melodies of Steve Lukather’s solo work take you on a journey that’s as close to Toto as we can get – at least for now.