Guns N’ Roses Icon Slash Reflects On ‘Rock Is Dead’ Dispute

Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash reflected his perspectives on the longtime argument about the current situation of rock music and he supported Alice Cooper‘s thoughts about whether rock is dead or not by defining him as a role model during his recent interview with Kerrang!.

As you might remember, KISS bassist Gene Simmons started the argument by saying that ‘rock is dead’ in one of his previous interviews. Simmons thought that rock music can no longer exist in music history because of the lack of talent in younger generation bands which can never be like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd, and the streaming platforms’ preventing the record sales.

Many musicians such as the Kiszka brothers, Taylor Momsen, Dee Snider reacted to Simmons’ argument about the existence of rock music. All of them stated that they disagreed with Simmons by showing the success of younger generation bands and the ongoing popularity of longtime rock and metal bands as proof. Alice Cooper also supported their ideas and added that young people are still trying to learn how to play the songs of Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses.

In addition to the statements of many rock and metal musicians, Slash also shared his ideas on the ‘rock is dead’ dispute which has been discussed for a very long time in his interview. Slash revealed that he still believes in the influence of rock music on people as a member of a legendary rock band by saying that he completely agreed with Alice Cooper.

Slash said in his interview that:

​”Alice is great. I hate to use the term role model, but that’s what he is. He’s been around for a long fucking time and he loves what he does. He’s doing it constantly and that to me is just the coolest. He never fucking stops, so yeah, that’s a great example to any kids reading this. That’s how you want to do it: just keep fucking going until you’re pushing daisies.”

Slash regarded Alice Cooper both as his role model and solid proof of the existence of rock and roll with his remarkable musical career which he has been pursuing for more than fifty years. According to Slash, Alice Cooper’s passion for music should be taken as an example by the people who wanted to choose music as their profession.