Tobias Forge Names The One Thing He Is Proud About Ghost’s Career

You never know when you will strike gold, especially when the art you’re putting out is so niche. After sticking to their vision for years, which is no small feat for any band, Ghost has been reaping the benefits, particularly in the last year. One of those moments includes a viral TikTok that has carried them to the mainstream audience.

“For us, the TikTok thing was or is just a giant bonus,” the Ghost frontman Tobias Forge revealed to Metal Hammer, referring to the appreciation of their track ‘Mary On A Cross,’ which was used in a TikTok tribute to the show Stranger Things. “That was never something that we planned.” Before they knew it, the song blew up and made it into the Top 10 of Spotify’s Viral 50 Global chart.

Amid all the success that has come the band’s way, their twelve years in the scene since their 2010 debut ‘Opus Eponymous’ is what makes Forge puff up with pride more than anything. The singer explained, “One thing that I felt proud over was the fact that we’ve been around for 12 years.”

Tobias added, “We’ve made five records, a bunch of EPs, and I am glad there seems to be a song that has a way of sucking people in. And if they go into our world and like it, there is plenty to find. If you like ‘Mary On A Cross,’ you can just jump on the train and go where we already are heading.”

What is more thrilling is that if you’ve just become a fan of the band after the viral moment on TikTok, five albums are awaiting you, including their latest effort ‘Impera,’ which quickly became a favorite and even landed on the top albums of 2022 for most music critics. You shouldn’t expect anything less from the band for 2023!