Mötley Crüe Hit The Jackpot With John 5 As Mick Mars’ Replacement, Phil Collen Suggests

Def Leppard frontman Phil Collen recently appeared on That Rocks!. During his interview, he discussed the band’s friendly competition with Mötley Crüe and how the latter band hit the jackpot by recruiting John 5 in Mick Mars’ place.

When asked about John 5’s duty in Mötley Crüe, the frontman shared his opinion and discussed how the band couldn’t have asked for a better replacement:

“[John is] awesome. I knew John before he joined the band, and he’s always been pretty incredible. He actually respects the songs, he doesn’t go too far on the script type of thing, and he’s such a great player, so he actually adds his own thing to it as well, so you couldn’t ask for more actually. And he is the nicest guy on earth; he’s amazing.”

He was then asked whether there was a friendly competition between both parties due to switching on and off as headliners. Collen admitted:

“Yeah, we all want to go on first, so we can get away earlier. That’s the competition. Especially, we just played at Glasgow, that was the last show, and that was pissing me right, actually, as it was in Dublin as well. We went on last, and it’s kind of miserable when it’s a late night, and it’s like that.”

The frontman revealed why they want to go on stage earlier:

“I honestly think that the sweet spot is actually going on earlier because the audience gets really hot. We’re playing outdoors nearly every show, and so they get hot, sometimes they get drunk, and it’s better to go on a little bit earlier. Even when we [were] doing these festivals. There is a sweet spot, and I think there is an energy of the audience and it really happens.”

He added:

“Yeah, everyone stays around until the end, but I think that’s good; we’ve all really preferred that kind of opening spot, to be quite honest.”

The two bands have been touring together since last year. Last year’s ‘Stadium Tour’ included not only the two bands but Poison and Joan Jett as well, performing 36 shows in total together. ‘The World Tour,’ consisting only of Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe, started on February 10 and is set to end on November 14.

See the interview below.