Jimmy Page Resurfaces After A Long MIA Period

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page has been largely absent from public view for some time. However, recent social media posts by Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon show that Page joined a recent KISS concert.

Simmons shared a picture of him and his wife on Twitter, captioning it as follows:

“My Wifey Shannon with Jimmy Page at our London concert tonight!”

Shannon posted the same picture on Instagram and wrote:

“In London at the O2 with KISS and Jimmy Page. Legend!”

Last year, the guitarist told American Songwriter that he was working on some new projects. Despite this, there has been little public update on these plans, and he was notably absent from the Jeff Beck tribute concerts arranged by Eric Clapton.

On the other hand, while he has made few public appearances recently, the guitarist has been active on Instagram. He, who recently shared a post about Zeppelin’s 1971 concert in Milan, even revealed an unreleased demo called ‘The Seasons’ on the 50th anniversary of the band’s ‘Houses of the Holy’ in March.

Under the song, he explained:

“My original idea for the opening tracks for ‘Houses of the Holy’ was that a short overture would be a rousing instrumental introduction with layered electric guitars that would segue into’ The Seasons’, later to be titled ‘The Rain Song.’ Again there would be a contrasting acoustic guitar instrumental movement with mellotron that could lead to the first vocal of the album and the first verse of the song.”

The guitarist kept recalling:

“‘The Seasons’ was a memo to myself as a reminder of the sequence of the song and various ideas I’d had for it in its embryonic stage. I’d worked on it over one evening at home. During the routing of the overture, now titled ‘The Plumpton and Worcester Races,’ the halftime section was born, and the overture shaped into the song, ‘The Song Remains The Same.’ These rehearsals were done in Puddle Town on the River Piddle in Dorset, UK.”

You can check out Gene Simmons’ tweet below. You can also take a look at Shannon Tweed-Simmons’ post here.