Nita Strauss Feels Worried About Her New Album: ‘What Was I Thinking?’

In her recent interview with MusicRadar, guitarist Nita Strauss talked about the making process of her newest album, ‘The Call of The Void.’ Throughout the album, Nita worked with various artists like David Drainman, Lzzy Hale, Chris Motionless, Dorothy Martin, and Marty Friedman.

Strauss described the working process on ‘Surfacing’ with the former Megadeth as ‘diligent,’ stating that it doesn’t quite match her own approach:

“Marty was so meticulous on the song that we did together. I have a tendency to be a bit slap-dash with stuff, like I take my time with it but I don’t go back and re-do and re-do and re-do it. If it’s good, I can move on from it. And Marty really took a lot of time with every detail.”

Nita carried on, telling how Friedman gave her instant feedback and how she was glad to be working with him:

“Marty was like, ‘Hey, well you’re playing this note here, I think we should bend on that note there because it leads on better to what I’m playing on the next phrase. That sort of thing. It was really an honour, truly and honour, to get feedback from somebody I have looked up to my entire guitar playing career.”

During the interview, it was asked to the guitarist whether these comments elevated the songs and made them more difficult to play live, she admitted to the problem:

“Yes! Especially the instrumental stuff. Yeah, definitely, you’ve got songs like ‘Consume The Fire‘ and ‘Momentum‘ on the record where I’m like, ‘What was I thinking!?’”

In July 2022, Nita announced that she was going to leave Alice Cooper and join Demi Lovato’s tour, and although there was no bad blood between Alice and Nita, this decision was criticized online. In a previous interview, Strauss mentioned that her guitar solo in ‘Digital Bullets‘  was a type of response to this type of criticism. She said:

“[Johnny] asked what made me angry, and I said, ‘All these motherf*ckers on the internet who tell everybody else how to live their lives but don’t have any real-world experience!’’’

“Crafting this song and solo was a big ‘F*ck you’ to all the haters. I think it was Johnny who said, ‘Why don’t you have an ‘Eruption’ moment as a big middle finger to these people?’ So I came up with that!”

You can listen to ‘Surfacing’ below.