Morrissey Announces New Shows To Redeem Himself But Fans Don’t Believe Him Anymore

Morrissey announced new concerts to make amends after cancelling his LA shows but fans are skeptical.

The former Smiths singer shared the following statement on his Instagram:

“Despite recent fiascoes, I will indeed be fully present in blood-soaked flesh at the House of Blues in Las Vegas on July 26 (Friday) and 27 (Saturday). Having hung upside down for several months, I am now in good health – like an arrow fully drawn and waiting to be fired: please fling me. The 26th has ordained the first U.S. release of ‘Beethoven Was Deaf,’ a live recording in Paris for your private use.”

Morrissey Revealed His Touring Members

He also shared who would join him during his shows:

“Signed copies of the vinyl will be available at the House of Blues for those of you who still run upstairs whenever the doorbell rings (I certainly do). Life begins again with full accompaniment from Jesse Tobias (guitar), Carmen Vandenberg (guitar), Camila Grey (keyboards), Solomon Walker (bass), and Matthew Walker (drums.) Expect a night of thrust and parry – no-show tunes. If you can find a decent pair of shoes, by all means come along.”

Morrissey updated the fans about his unreleased album, ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’:

“There is nothing quite like physical proximity, I am assured. If you would rather not come, then you are obviously one-half of a twin pair of parakeets. Some people sing, some poison the air. But if life is meaningless then why was there not always nothing? For those of you 85 and over who are still waiting for ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ to be released, good news is finally within our grasp. Hopefully, I will smell you in Vegas – where the audiences always stay the same age … are you in the mood?”

How Did Fans React To His Announcement?

Still, in the comments, fans didn’t seem to believe in the singer’s announcement. One person wrote:

“He tends to cancel shows so watch out!”

One other added, agreeing:

“I don’t believe You any more.”

Another fan said:

“Take a screenshot of this as it’s sure to be embarrassing in two months.”

Back in January of this year, Morrissey had to cancel two concerts in California due to medical issues. His tour manager revealed he’s getting medical care for exhaustion and needs two weeks of rest.

You can see the rocker’s IG post below.

Photo Credit: Morrissey – Instagram