When Maynard James Keenan Introduced Kirk Hammett As ‘Elvis’ Bastard Son’ During A Tool Show

Tool’s fourth studio album entitled ‘10,000 Days,’ which was released on May 2, 2006, made their fans quite excited after five years of waiting for a new album. After the release, the album hit the charts and received very positive reviews from their fans. Also, it would be Tool’s latest album for more than a decade until the band released ‘Fear Inoculum’ on August 30, 2019.

As a part of the ‘10,000 Days’ promotion, Tool traveled all around the world and performed many remarkable concerts which drew millions of audiences back then. In one of them, Kirk Hammett was the band’s special guest star who joined them for two songs during their performance. Not only their performance but also Maynard James Keenan’s introducing Hammett in a very different way made the headlines for a long time.

Maynard James Keenan’s Peculiar Way Of Inviting Kirk Hammett To The Stage

Tool performed a concert at Blaisdell Concert Hall on August 18, 2006, with Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett as the special guest star. According to a fan who attended the concert, Maynard James Keenan introduced Hammett to the audience as the late iconic musician Elvis Presley’s bastard son due to his remarkable talent as a guitarist.

Following that, Kirk Hammett jammed with the band the songs ‘Sober’ and ”We’re Not Worthy!’ However, the fan claimed that Hammett was drunk during the performance and his solo guitar performance in ‘Sober’ was terrible. Moreover, the attendee revealed that Hammett hugged and kissed Tool guitarist Adam Jones on his mouth along with kneeling down before the other band members.

One Tool fan revealed how Keenan introduced Hammett in a post at the Tool Navy website:

“We have a special guest tonight. He’s not unintelligible, and he’s not Elvis. Well, maybe he’s their bastard son, Mr. Kirk Hammett.

The fan then recalled what happened that day as:

“Kirk then proceeded to come out and play guitar on ‘Sober’. I’ve never been partial to Metallica, and for those of you who are, I’m sorry to report that Kirk near butchered the song. His drunken so-called ‘solo’ was particularly sloppy and completely extraneous.

Only the band coming back through to thrash the rest of the song out extremely hard saved it. Then he totally tripped out and flustered Adam by grabbing him for his ‘hug’ and kissing him on the mouth! Only to return at the end of the show to the stage to perform the ‘We’re Not Worthy!’ bow on his knees before the guys. At least he realizes.”

Consequently, it appears that the Tool fan who wrote this comment wasn’t satisfied with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett’s solo performance and his strange behavior during the concert. However, the others thought that it was great to watch Tool and Hammett jamming together and they defined it as an unforgettable moment for them.

You can watch Kirk Hammett’s solo at that concert below.