The Time Mastodon Guitarist Put His Penis In Lars Ulrich’s Pocket


Metallica has been one of the most popular and commercially successful metal bands for forty years. Their fans and some other musicians who got a chance to meet the band members in person defined it as one of the biggest and happiest moments of their lives. However, the way a Mastodon member introduced himself to Lars Ulrich became the most interesting one.

Mastodon and Metallica members’ first interaction during a European festival can be regarded as one of the most peculiar moments in metal history. However, Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher’s inappropriate behavior toward Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich shocked everyone around them but later became an unforgettable joke.

The Reason Mastodon Guitarist Decided To Insert His Penis In Ulrich’s Pocket


When Mastodon members met Metallica during a European festival, the band’s guitarist Bill Kelliher was so excited that he came up with an unusual idea of introducing his ‘true self’ to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders revealed what really happened by saying that Bill whipped his d*ck out and put it in Lars’ pocket. 

In Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders’ words, he said:

“It was a European festival when we first met Metallica. All I can remember is we were so excited our guitar player Bill walked over to Lars Ulrich, whipped his dick out, and put it in Lars’ pocket. I can’t believe we’ve done so many tours with them since.

Although most people reacted to this joke very aggressively, Lars Ulrich was just laughing with Kelliher when he realized that he carried a penis in his pocket. Consequently, the Mastodon guitarist’s ‘funny and bold’ entrance into Ulrich’s pocket became a crazy memory, which continues to be cherised by Mastodon and Metallica members.