Moby Recalls Gene Simmons’ Unusual ‘Compliment’ To Him

In a recent conversation with Illinois Entertainer, Moby recounted a peculiar encounter with KISS’ Gene Simmons during an event, where the bassist delivered an odd compliment to Moby, although they didn’t have a prior interaction.

Looking back on his memories during the closing ceremony of the 2002 Winter Olympics when he performed with KISS along with other names like Bon Jovi and Angie Stone, Moby said:

“I actually didn’t speak to anyone backstage! I didn’t know if I was really allowed to. I mean, this was in Salt Lake City, and the fact was that we did all share a backstage, and there was a big green room, and I was like, ‘This is so strange! There’s Willie Nelson next to Gene Simmons, and there’s Jon Bon Jovi next to Christina Aguilera. These are big stars! Shouldn’t they have their own dressing rooms?’ So I didn’t talk to anyone, except the next morning, they had rented a private plane, and they flew me and KISS and Earth, Wind and Fire to Los Angeles.”

The singer didn’t speak to anyone at that event until Gene Simmons gave him an unusual compliment:

“And I slept on the plane, and I woke up, and Gene Simmons tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned around, and I’d never spoken to him. But he just looked at me, and he said, ‘Moby, you are a powerful and attractive man.’ And then we got off the plane, and I’ve never spoken to him since. So everything about it was very, incredibly odd, and I’m glad that I’m no longer a part of that world. But I’m kind of grateful that I was able to experience it.”

In other news, Moby released his latest studio album, ‘Resound NYC,’ which is a rework of his previous songs, on May 12, 2023. However, despite the fan expectations, he doesn’t intend to support his new record with an upcoming tour. Unfortunately, he actually never wants to embark on another tour in his lifetime.