Moby Explains His Goal To ‘Never Go On Tour Again’

Moby recently opened up about his decision to steer clear of touring in an interview with Billboard. The musician shed light on his reasons for never wanting to embark on another tour in his lifetime.

In the interview, Moby shared his aspiration to avoid future tours, describing it as one of his life goals. His passion was the driving force behind his latest project, ‘Resound NYC,’ that motivated him to rerecord some of his biggest hits with an orchestra, even though it meant more financial loss than gain. However, it’s clear that his intention was never an upcoming tour.

Moby’s words about not wanting to tour again read:

“At the risk of sounding melodramatic, one of my goals in life is to never go on tour again as long as I live. It’s not like I’ve rerecorded these to promote an upcoming tour. Also, in the spirit of honesty and full disclosure, it probably costs more to make these orchestral records with tons of guests and fancy orchestras than will ever be generated in revenue. So it’s purely, and maybe I even feel a little guilty about this because it seems quite selfish; it’s just a labor of love.”

Even though Moby’s decision not to tour may be seen as self-centered by fans and critics, he will do what’s best for him as a musician. He accepts that he creates for his fans, but he also needs to be satisfied with his creations. Currently, for Moby, that means rerecording with an orchestra and not going on tour!