Ted Nugent Speaks Out After Facebook Censorship

Ted Nugent recently took to Instagram and X to share that Facebook censored him, and from now on, he will share his views on these platforms. Ted’s Instagram caption read:

“Ted has been kicked off Facebook!! We will continue on Instagram and X!”

The rocker also tested the X live video and shared his thoughts about his censorship from Facebook and how he will continue moving forward. He explained:

“Alright, I’m testing my X live video since Facebook have censored me. You know censorship has always been a plus to the human species. When you shut somebody down that you’re incapable of debating with. So all you X’ers out there, it’s Uncle Ted with my truth, logic, common sense, we the people, good over evil, self-defense, God, family, country, constitution, Bill of Rights, 10th Commandment, Golden Rule, Declaration of Independence.”

He shared how he will continue to fight for law and order by adding:

“It’s a great white buffalo of the swirling dust of the American dream arena where we stumble, but we get right back up. Instantly put our heart and soul to being the best that we can be and supporting and demanding law and order, you know all that radical stuff.”

The singer had previously talked to Fox News about how he stood up radically and was an extremist for God, family, and country. During his X live, he also called himself a ‘radical extremist’ and said:

“Ted Nugent radical extremist daring to experiment in self-government reporting for duty on X. You heard it on the X. Isn’t that right Billy F. Gibbons? God speed X’ers.”

You can see Ted Nugent’s Instagram post here and see his tweet below.