Mick Jagger Shares The Acting Advice Jack Nicholson Gave Him


Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger recently gave an interview to the Guardian and talked about a memorable moment in his acting career. The singer revealed what the retired actor Jack Nicholson advised him about acting.

Apart from his career in the Rolling Stones as the band’s iconic frontman, Mick Jagger also has other endeavors, such as acting and producing films. The singer has an intermittent acting career, with his most significant roles being in the 1968 film ‘Performance’ and as Australian bushranger ‘Ned Kelly’ in the 1970 film of the same title.

Moreover, Jagger also auditioned for the Dr. Frank N. Furter role in the 1975 adaptation of ‘The Rocky Horror Show.’ He portrayed himself in the 1978 film ‘All You Need Is Cash’ and achieved a reputation for his roles in films such as ‘Freejack,’ ‘Bent,’ and ‘The Man From Elysian Fields.’

Mick Jagger’s latest role in a movie was an English art dealer, collector, and patron in Giuseppe Capotondi’s 2020 film ‘The Burnt Orange Heresy.’ This appearance was the musician’s first in many years, so he needed some advice from Jack Nicholson at some point.

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Mick Jagger said that acting again after many years felt odd. He then said he had to stop and think about how he will handle this. Moreover, Jagger recalled asking for advice from Jack Nicholson about where to start while building a character. According to the singer, Nicholson told him to begin with his sex life.

In the Guardian interview, Mick Jagger expressed his feelings about acting:

“Er, well, it was a bit odd, to be honest. I hadn’t done any for ages. I was like, ‘Oh. Um. Yes. Acting. Let’s think now. How do we do this?’ I once asked Jack Nicholson, ‘When you build a character, where do you start?’ He said, ‘His sex life.'”

Apart from being an actor, Mick Jagger also founded Jagged Films in 1995, and his first release was ‘Enigma,’ which was a World War II drama. Jagged Films also produced a documentary about the rocker titled ‘Being Mick.’ The singer continued to appear in documentaries and co-produce series and biopics after founding his own company but later primarily focused on his music career.