Mick Jagger Says He Misses Charlie Watts


The Rolling Stones icon Mick Jagger paid an emotional tribute to his late bandmate Charlie Watts on the first anniversary of his death with a video clip featuring photos of the two.

The Stones’ long-term drummer Charlie Watts, who had served in the band for over five decades, passed away on August 24, 2021, at the age of 80. Although it is known by his bandmate Keith Richards’ statements that the drummer had been battling throat cancer since 2004 and had undergone surgery for an unspecified medical issue, the exact cause of the rockstar’s death was never revealed.

Following Watts’ passing, his Rolling Stones bandmates, and many of his peers like the Beatles’ Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, Elton John, and Pete Townshend, honored the drummer with heartfelt tributes. Steve Jordan joined the Stones as their drummer in replacement of Charlie Watts. He has been playing with the band as a touring drummer since then.

One year after his death, Mick Jagger paid a moving tribute to his late bandmate Charlie Watts with a Twitter post featuring a video montage of photographs from their career. The video also includes a voiceover by Jagger and is soundtracked by the Stones’ 1974 track ‘Till The Next Goodbye.’ In the emotional video, Mick Jagger said he missed Charlie Watts and his wonderful sense of humor. The singer also remembered their memories together and talked about their intimate friendship outside the band.

Here are Mick Jagger’s words on his late bandmate:

I miss Charlie because he had a great sense of humor. Outside of the band, we used to hang out quite a lot and have interesting times. We loved sports; we’d go to football, we’d go to cricket games, and we had other interests apart from just music. But, of course, I really miss Charlie so much.”

Below, you can check out the emotional tribute of Mick Jagger.