Wolf Van Halen Says David Lee Roth Didn’t Let Him And Eddie Sing

Mammoth WVH frontman Wolf Van Halen recently gave an interview to Ultimate Classic Rock in which he talked about the song David Lee Roth didn’t want him and his father Eddie Van Halen to sing.

Throughout Van Halen’s career, there were two important periods that affected the band’s creative output: Roth’s era and Sammy Hagar’s era. During Roth’s tenure in Van Halen, the band rose to prominence and became one of the most successful rock acts of the early 1980s. Sammy Hagar joined Van Halen as Roth’s replacement in 1985, and with him, the band released four U.S. no. 1 and multi-platinum albums. So, both periods brought success to Van Halen, and the main difference between the two was the two leads’ creative differences. 

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Wolfgang Van Halen shared his opinions on the Van Halen song ‘You And Your Blues’ which appeared on their ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ album. The album marked the first time they had done a full-length studio album with David Lee Roth since 1984. While talking about the song, Wolf said it was more like a melodic pop than the material they released with Hagar.

He then said it was really fun working with Roth again, but he didn’t let them sing or do the backing vocals on the album. Assuming it might be because he wanted to do these himself, Wolf said he disagrees with Roth as backing vocals are the most significant parts of Van Halen. He then revealed that at one point, he and his father Eddie Van Halen said Roth couldn’t stop them and sang in the chorus. According to Wolf, it was pretty fun.

Wolfgang Van Halen told Ultimate Classic Rock about the song ‘You And Your Blues’ the following:

“That was a straight-up new song. That was a really fun one. Looking back on it now, it was the more melodic side of pop that you saw in the Hagar era, but with Dave there, I thought it was really fun.

I’m really proud of my performance on this song. Near the end, on the fade-out, I do some really cool harmonic stuff on the bass that sounded really fun. It was also one of the few songs I was able to sing on.

Dave, for the longest time, didn’t let us sing, do the background vocals on the album. I think it was just an opinion — he wanted to do it himself. And I disagreed with that because I think one of the biggest parts of Van Halen is the backing vocals.

I think there were a couple of songs we went back in and just said, ‘Fuck it, we’re gonna do this. It’s part of it. He can’t stop us.’ It was me and Dad in the chorus, and that was really fun. I don’t know if we ever played it live, but we did rehearse it, and man, playing that riff and singing the ‘ahs’ in the chorus is a really tall order. But I really loved it.”

Below, you can listen to the song ‘You And Your Blues.’