Mick Jagger Encourages TikTokers To Use The Rolling Stones Songs

Although he is 79, Mick Jagger still has the spirit of reinventing himself and keeping up with current trends. He doesn’t hesitate to adapt to the changes in the music industry by collaborating with mainstream artists. Jagger has now joined TikTok and urged fans to use the Rolling Stones’ hits with his first video on the platform.

“Hello TikTok!” exclaimed Mick Jagger, having a hard time hiding his excitement. “We have joined your world!” He then revealed the Rolling Stones and his TikTok accounts for fans to follow. “So excited to see what you create with our music.” Jagger then told fans to use their hashtag so that they could check out their videos.

The video shows Mick Jagger as his typical energetic self — he dances around to the Stones’ hit ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ with his excited squeals. Several days after this post, he made another TikTok, a montage of his unique dance moves while ‘Start Me Up!’ plays in the background.

As of now, Mick Jagger has around 124.000 followers and 190.000 likes. He fell behind the Rolling Stones’ official TikTok account, though — the band has 240.000 followers and 1.4 million likes now with eight TikToks posted.

Following this announcement, the music catalog of the Rolling Stones became available for TikTok users to use in their videos. The hashtag ‘#therollingstones’ now has over 300 million views. Meanwhile, the Stones are getting ready to release their live album ‘GRRR Live!,’ which is set to arrive on February 10.


Hello Tik Tok ! Follow & create @The Rolling Stones … Also check out our guest playlist on the sounds page or at the link in bio for all the hits… #therollingstones

♬ Sympathy For The Devil – The Rolling Stones