Michael Anthony Explains What He Thinks About Wolfgang Van Halen’s Song ’Distance’

Former Van Halen bassist and current The Circle bassist and backing vocalist Michael Anthony opened up about another former Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen’s recent song ‘Distance’ which was a tribute to his late father, Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

As you may know, Wolfgang Van Halen started a new band called Mammoth WVH after the disbandment of Van Halen back in 2020 due to the loss of guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Wolfgang released his first-ever solo song named ‘Distance’ and its touching accompanying video back in November 2020.

The song stands as a tribute act to Wolfgang’s father, Eddie Van Halen and he wrote the song while Eddie was battling with cancer. The music video also was made out entirely from old home movies, some shot by Wolfgang’s mom, Valerie Bertinelli, shows how Eddie has been an adoring father, caring for his child, showing him guitars and pianos even before he could talk.

During a recent interview with The Brew, Michael Anthony was asked if he talked to Wolfgang Van Halen after the loss of his father, apparently, although Anthony texted Wolfgang a couple of times, he chose to give Van Halen family privacy during the hard times.

In addition to this, Anthony also stated that it was very great of Wolfgang Van Halen to create a song dedicated to Eddie Van Halen and he wished the best for Wolfgang with his brand new album and the band since it’s not easy to start something new these times, let alone forming a new band.

Here is what Anthony said:

I’ve texted with him a couple of times. I haven’t actually talked with him. I wanted to kind of let the family has their privacy. I briefly spoke with Alex after Ed passed. But everything is good.

It’s really cool what Wolfgang did to his song ‘Distance.’ And I wish him the best of luck with the album. It’s a hard time right now for somebody to come out with a new album, a new band, or whatever, but I know he’ll do well with it when he can get it all out there.”

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