Blink-182’s Coachella Show Stirs Controversy About Tom DeLonge’s Autotuned Vocals

Blink-182‘s recent performance at Coachella 2023 with Tom DeLonge has sparked a heated debate among fans. The controversy centers around DeLonge’s alleged use of autotune during the show, which left the audience divided on whether it was a welcome addition or an unnecessary crutch.

The band’s first show back with DeLonge took place at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 14. Their set included performances of well-known hits like ‘First Date’ and ‘Rock Show,’ which were met with both excitement and skepticism from the crowd.

Reactions to DeLonge’s autotuned vocals varied significantly among fans. Some Twitter users expressed their disappointment, with one complaining about the amount of autotune in Tom DeLonge’s voice and another claiming he sounded like an AI. Some on YouTube defended the choice, pointing out that DeLonge has always relied on pitch correction during live shows.

Here is what a Twitter user wrote about DeLonge’s performance:

“The amount of autotune on Tom DeLonge’s voice during that Blink performance at Coachella should be illegal.

Another tweet read:

“Watched some of the Blink-182 reunion, and the amount of autotune on Tom DeLonge’s vocal was hilarious. Dude sounded like an AI version of himself. But all was forgiven, thanks to the multiple Dalai Lama kissing booth jokes. Welcome back, bud.”

A Blink-182 fan commented on YouTube the following:

“Tom is known for sucking live, always has. He has needed pitch correction religiously. That being said, I love Blink 182. So it doesn’t matter. Tom cannot really sing; that’s why he changes the way he sounds from time to time to hit notes better.”

Despite the controversy surrounding DeLonge’s vocals, the overarching sentiment among fans seems to be excitement for Blink-182’s reunion and their upcoming world tour. Whether the autotune debate will continue to overshadow their performances remains to be seen.