Yungblud And Willow Smith Discuss Coping With Anxiety Attacks


Willow Smith recently attended Yungblud’s podcast ‘The Yungblud Podcast’ on BBC Sounds. The two young singers talked about their mental health and how they sealed with anxiety attacks over the years.

Willow Smith was only 10 when she held fame by the hands quickly with her song ‘Whip My Hair.’ As a 10-year-old, trying to stick to the music industry, she struggled with anxiety a lot which was often misunderstood as her being spoiled.

In her conversation with Yungblud, she stated that during that time when she was only a child, she didn’t feel ‘safe’ at all and it was all very hard to deal with. She continued to tell Yungblud why her anxiety attacks came out as tantrums and people didn’t take her mental health seriously.

Here is what she said in the podcast:

“For so long I had a lot of fear, I felt extremely unsafe in my music career in the past and that feeling of insecurity or unsafety, like I didn’t feel protected, which went really deep. 

I kinda had to come back from the music industry and now I’m kinda going back in. It’s interesting because all of those memories and emotions have just been resurfacing. I was doing The Jimmy Fallon performance and I had a flashback of being like 10 or nine and having an anxiety attack on set and basically feeling like everyone around me was like, ‘You’re just a brat, why aren’t you grateful?’ They didn’t see it as an anxiety attack – they saw it as a tantrum – and now I look back and know it was an anxiety attack.

Smith continues to talk about how she deals with anxiety now as a 20-year-old adult. She tells the listeners that she does meditation, distances herself from the thing that gives her anxiety, and reminds herself that she is a strong woman. She does not forget to add that self-love is also essential.

Here is what she said:

“When I’m in these situations now and I have these flashbacks, I need to take the time, I need to go into a little meditation, I need to separate myself from the situation for a little bit. And tell myself that, ‘You’re not nine, you’re a grown-ass woman.’ I have to re-train my mind.

My mental health is in a very fragile state, but I think it’s in a state where it’s about to grow in a really awesome way. Remind yourself that you are a beautiful human being that just needs to take a moment. Don’t like crash down on yourself so hard.”

Yungblud was 20 years old when he started his music career in 2017 and therefore he agreed to everything Smith said about anxiety. Gaining fame at a fairly young age as well, he also related some of his Smith’s situations with the ones he went through. After Smith’s speech, he told his opinion on what people think anxiety is and what it really is.

Yungblud said:

“I think it’s such a weird thing, like from my perspective relating to you. I think anxiety is just literally suppressed feelings, isn’t it? So when it comes up in those situations and you have to learn how to deal with it, it looks like a load of different things. Anybody out there who’s got anxiety will know this, that it disguises itself as you being mean or you having a tantrum, or you having an argument.

When it’s just that bad old thing that we all get. That knot in our stomach that we cannot explain. I just want to radiate the idea to anyone who’s going through anxiety, just breathe and take a step back.

The podcast ended with positive anecdotes and the two decided to meet up in London to have fish and chips together while walking by the lake. Yungblud even stated that their tunes would fit in very well together and excited their fans for a possible collaboration.