Jack Russell Isn’t Bothered By Great White Having Two Different Versions

Disbanding for bands is pretty similar to what couples go through in a divorce. Who gets to keep the kids? Well, in Jack Russell’s case, it was ‘who gets to keep the band?’ Well, two versions of Great White have somewhat managed to coexist, and jack recently shared his views on the issue while speaking to T Stone on the radio show Sonic Boom.

“It’s weird, man,” admitted Jack Rusell before giving some details about why this is a slight issue. “I mean, it doesn’t bother me — except when Mark Kendall goes out there and starts talking sh*t about me. Every time he gives an interview, he goes out there and starts talking some kind of shit about me. It’s, like, dude, it’s been 12 years. Get over it.”

He continued, “It is too bad. We were best friends; we were brothers for years. And now it’s like the guy won’t even pick up the phone and speak to me. It’s horrible. It makes you feel terrible. And whenever I pick up a paper or see something on the Internet where Mark’s giving an interview, he’s always talking sh*t about me. It’s, like, dude, talk about yourself. Talk about how great your album is or how great your band is. Leave me the f*ck alone. I’m not bagging on you.”

In theory, although it should be water under the bridge by now, sometimes that’s easier said than done. The former bandmates are clearly not on the same page, and it sounds like they haven’t had closure. What will it take? That’s definitely between them, but having two versions of Great White surely doesn’t hurt our feelings, and it seems like Russell is mostly okay with it too.