Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Reacts To Jaafar Jackson Playing His Father

Jaafar Jackson, the 26-year-old nephew of Michael Jackson, will be playing the late star in an upcoming biopic. Prince Jackson took his Instagram to share his thoughts on the recent news. Prince is proud and happy that his cousin, Jaafar, will play his father and believes he will do a great job as he embodies much of his father, and the film will show the world a new side of the King of Pop.

“My cousin Jaafar Jackson is going to be playing my father in the upcoming biopic produced by GK Films and directed by Antoine Fuqua,” wrote Jackson. “Truthfully, I couldn’t be happier and prouder for him, he’s been working his a** off, and I know he’s going to do an amazing job. Just being himself, he embodies so much of my dad, and I’m confident we are all going to do our best to show the world a part of my father they’ve never seen and that they deserve to see.”

He continued, “To all of my family’s fans and supporters out there, thank you for your continued support and love. We all know my father and Jaafar’s uncle was such an incredible human being, and everyone at GK Films is dedicated and excited to bring my father’s story to the big screen.”

Prince then went on to share the importance of this project to him, writing, “This project means so much to me for many reasons; I’m really happy that my family and I can go on this journey together. Jaafar Jackson, I know you’re going to be great, bro, and again I couldn’t be prouder and happier for you because [I love you].”

The upcoming movie directed by Antoine Fuqua, ‘Michael,’ will delve into the rich yet complicated legacy of the King of Pop, who rose to fame with his electrifying performances and undeniable talent. From his early days in the Jackson 5 to his status as the greatest entertainer of all time, the film aims to tell the full story of Michael Jackson’s life.

Photo Credit: Prince Jackson – Instagram