Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris On What Was Missing In Her Music Career

Pop icon Michael Jackson’s daughter, actress, and singer Paris Jackson opened up about the growth in her professional career as a musician during her recent interview with Nylon. The singer revealed whether there was a change in her musical style while talking about her latest work.

Jackson’s first entrance to the rock stage and music industry can be considered her first single, ‘Let Down,’ released on October 29, 2020. Thanks to its alternative folk style, the song received positive reviews, followed by her debut record ‘Wilted’ on November 18, 2020. Then, she gave a short break from her musical projects and appeared in different movies and tv series to continue her acting journey.

The musician shared her EP ‘The Lost’ including ‘Lost,’ ‘Breathe Again,’ and ‘Never Going Back Again’ on February 18, 2022. Her fans got very excited and happy about her return to recording sessions and releases. Recently, Jackson dropped her new single entitled ‘The Lighthouse,’ which was inspired by grunge and especially Nirvana’s ‘Silver.’ In her interview, she talked about the song by highlighting that she was still creating alternative folk.

However, Jackson admitted that the production is different, so it’s not unusual that people can observe a change in her style closer to alternative rock. The singer gave details about her creation process, saying that her voice and ability to sing became better in time, which was missing in her career. Jackson said she could scream, yell, and use her vocals more that’s why she became a more productive musician.

In her interview, Jackson said:

“It’s interesting because the songs are still folk at their core. If you take all of my songs that are newer, so take ‘Lighthouse,’ for example, and you put it back on just acoustic guitar and strip down with vocals, it’s a folk song, fully. I’m still making folk; it’s the production that’s different. What’s mainly inspired is my growth with my voice and my ability. I project more; I scream and yell. I wasn’t always able to do that. Something tells me that if I could sooner, I would’ve been making this music a while ago.”

You can check out the song below.