Melissa Reese Pens An Heartwarming Open Letter To Axl Rose As She Explains Her Feelings About Him


Guns N Roses keyboardist Melissa Reese celebrated the 59th birthday of the iconic frontman of the band, Axl Rose, by sharing a new post on her official Instagram account.

As you might already know, Melissa joined Guns N’ Roses back in 2016 to replace Chris Pitman as a second keyboardist, and she has been playing with the band since then. In this period, she got closer with every member of the band.

On this special day for Axl, Melissa wanted to share her feelings about him as well as celebrating his birthday and praised Axl’s personality by saying that he is silly, funny, kind, talented, and many more.

Moreover, Melissa also stated that she is hoping for Axl that he could find fried chicken and shaped ice cream as well as a unicorn beer. Afterward, she revealed hoe much she loves Axl and sent her love for him.

Here is what Melissa Reese wrote:

“Happy birthday Axl. You are my silly / funny / daily news source / sneaky / beyond this world talented / kind / ball-busting prankster (even during #RonaVi somehow *sigh*🙄) / huge-hearted / caring / food connois-sigliere and tv partner / pickle juice / bad mother f*cker / *psychic chio* BFF.

I heart you. I hope u have the best day ever filled with fried chicken shaped ice cream 🍦🍗, then somehow find/get to drink the truly special 🦄 unicorn 🦄 of a root beer that we’ve been searching for and tell me abt it, and then I get to try it too 🙂. All my love – BabyBlue.”

You can check out the post by clicking here.

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