Mark Tremonti On What He Learned From Singing Frank Sinatra Songs

Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti recently joined an interview with Rock Sverige and answered questions about his personal and musical life. Tremonti especially mentioned that he learned many things from Frank Sinatra while covering his songs.

Thanks to his celebrated works, Frank Sinatra has become one of the most commercially successful musicians by selling more than 150 million globally. Sinatra gained a reputation with his debut album named ‘The Voice of Frank Sinatra’ released in 1946. The album gained high positions on the charts and remained there for weeks.

‘In the Wee Small Hours’ brought Sinatra global success in 1955. It stayed number two on the Billboard album chart for eighteen weeks. Sinatra won eleven Grammy Awards, such as Grammy Trustees Award and Grammy Legend Award. His songs have preserved their popularity, although more than twenty years have passed since his death.

Many musicians cover Sinatra songs, and Mark Tremonti is one of them. As a heavy metal guitarist, Tremonti announced that he created an album including covers of Sinatra songs and will be releasing the record on May 27, 2022. Tremonti stated in a previous interview that this album helped him to focus on working on how to sound and breathe while singing.

In a recent interview, the guitarist mentioned he learned how to be comfortable with his chest voice while covering Sinatra songs in the new album. According to Tremonti, because rock and roll singers usually sound different from their speaking voices, he wanted to try a different style by singing in his lower voice as Sinatra inspired him. The rocker stated that he used this technique in ‘Marching in Time.’ Tremonti was content to create a different than he usually does by singing with his chest voice in Sinatra covers.

Mark Tremonti explained when the interviewer asked what he learned from Sinatra:

“Yeah, it really helps me be comfortable with my lower register. As a rock and roll singer, I think a lot of us like to push our voice and sound different than we actually sound. On this last Tremonti record, ‘Marching in Time,’ if you listen to the bridge in that song, I sing low in that Sinatra style range, and that’s just one little glimpse of me using that range. A lot of the stuff I write is always screaming, and it would be nice to be able to write a ballad or something that has a lower range.”

You can listen to Mark Tremonti’s ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ cover below.