Maynard James Keenan Reflects On Choosing A Hip-Hop Band As Puscifer’s Opening Act

Puscifer lead vocalist Maynard James Keenan revealed why the band members chose a hip hop/rap band to perform the opening act for their upcoming summer tour in his recent interview with 93X Radio. Keenan drew attention to their perspective while deciding which band would fit them.

After five years of waiting since ‘Money Shot,’ Puscifer released their fourth studio album entitled ‘Existential Reckoning’ on October 30, 2020. The album received positive reviews from their longtime fans and music critics; many young generation rock music lovers discovered the band with this. Puscifer couldn’t start the promotional process of their record immediately due to the global pandemic and its restrictions.

Finally, the band announced their new summer tour, which will start on June 9, 2022, in Las Vegas and finish on July 10 in Seattle, making their fans very excited and happy about it. Surprisingly, the band revealed that industrial hip hop and rap band Moodie Black will join them as the supporting band. This choice was seen as their giving place to lesser-known bands with different musical styles than them.

The host wanted to know why Moodie Black was invited to their tour during a recent interview. Maynard James Keenan responded to the question by explaining the process of determining a supporting band. The Puscifer frontman stated that it’s essential for them to collaborate with a band that fits their overall picture and mood for the shows without being boring. He also invited the host to their shows to understand what he meant about this harmony between a hip-hop and rock band.

Here’s what the host said:

“Do you want to talk about why they might be opening for you? What made you grab them and take them along with you?”

Keenan stated in his interview that:

“It’s my wife’s fault. A lot of times, we’re trying the opening projects that are very much aligned with what we have in mind for the overall picture. They have to fit the mood; we can’t just have an opening band that is boring. Having something that fits what we are doing makes more sense, and all the ones on the surface might not seem like they fit perfectly, but it does. You’ll have to come and see the show to understand what I truly mean by that.”

You can check out the interview below.