Steve Vai Names The Track He’s The Proudest Of

Picking your favorite song is a challenging question for everyone, especially musicians since most of their lives revolve around their works. Thus, Steve Vai struggled to name his greatest accomplishment when asked about it while having a conversation with Guitar Player. However, there was one track that Steve was proud of its phrasing and melodic structure, and most rockers would agree that it is one of his best solos. 

“I would go on record to say that I think the solo on this ‘And We Are One’ is perhaps my greatest accomplishment on the guitar,” Vai revealed when he was asked to name his career-defining tracks. “That would be because of its phrasing, its neatness, and its beauty. I don’t feel pretentious saying that because I’m speaking within my capacities.”

He continued, “So if I say something is profoundly, deeply moving and beautiful to me, that’s to me, you know? There may be others that feel that way, but it’s important that an artist invests their intimacy into their music because it carries their DNA in it. This is what people want: They want you, your unique creativity. They don’t want you to sound like somebody else. They can smell fake a mile away.”

‘And We Are One’ was featured in Steve Vai’s ninth studio album, ‘Modern Primitive,’ which was released in the summer of 2016. Not only the song but this complete album has a special place for Vai because it is a ‘modern’ adaptation of the ‘primitive’ materials he created between his debut album ‘Flex-Able’ and his 1990 release ‘Passion And Warfare.’ So, for Vai, it provides a retrospective look at the early days of his musical journey.

Listeners who have followed Steve Vai’s early days will know how much Vai’s tone has changed in the six years between these two albums, although he never lost his unique characteristics. Vai was in his mid-20s when he wrote these materials, but in his 50s, he had time to revisit them. ‘Modern Primitive’ retains its special place in both Vai’s career and listeners’ listening experiences.