REO Speedwagon’s Bruce Hall Discusses His Strong Bond With Kevin Cronin

After having played 40-50 years together, REO Speedwagon’s Bruce Hall told The Valdosta Daily Times that he and Kevin Cronin share a special bond by saying:

“[With 40-50 years of playing together for some of the members, Hall said being] ‘in a band is like a marriage.’ We’re bonded by the music, but the relationship is based on respect. We get along great. Me and Kevin have a lot of the same interests in music, so it’s great to write and play songs together. There’s a lot of give and take.”

With their ongoing chemistry, the guys are on tour that began in January, minus keyboardist Neal Doughty, who announced on Instagram that he would not be a part of the tour. The band is well into the tour but after adding a run of summer dates to the trek; it seems like there are more dates lined up in the fall.

When talking about playing their hits for their fans during the interview, Cronin gave his two cents about what it is like to play songs from decades ago and how they like to switch things up. He added:

“Some people want to hear a song exactly like it was recorded. But when a band records a song, it’s still a young song. After a time, you think of ways you can do it better. Sometimes, something new happens during the sound check, and we’re like, let’s try it this way.”

Although the bassist knows that they can’t shift genres, he shared that he’s open to tweaking a few things by explaining:

“We can’t turn it into a jazz song, of course. We want to keep the style in the structure of the songs. But it’s fun giving a song a little bit of fresh air. It’s fun to mess with it.”

You can read Bruce Hall’s phone interview with The Valdosta Daily Times here.