Matt Sorum Admits Lemmy Kilmister Invited Him To Motörhead ‘Because Dave Grohl Was Not Available’

Matt Sorum gave an interview to Spin in which he revealed that Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister invited him to play the drums in the band. According to the drummer, Kilmister’s reason to ask him to fill in was that Dave Grohl wasn’t available at that moment.

Matt Sorum is mainly known as a former member of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver. Apart from his career in these bands, he also worked with numerous others, such as The Cult and Slash’s Snakepit. Besides, Sorum also made several contributions to other acts, like the iconic rock band Motörhead.

In 2009, Motörhead’s original drummer Mikkey Dee took part in the Swedish reality show Kändisdjungeln as a contestant. Due to that, the band started to look for a fill-in for their 2009 U.S. Tour. In September, Matt Sorum played the drums during the tour and made his first appearance with Motörhead after only one rehearsal.

According to a featured article by Spin, Lemmy Kilmister texted Matt Sorum to fill in for the tour while he was sitting at poolside with his wife. Following that, Sorum questioned the reason why they wanted him and texted Kilmister back. As Sorum told Spin, Kilmister said he decided to text him because Dave Grohl wasn’t available.

As reported by Spin, Matt Sorum said:

“I asked Lemmy Kilmister, ‘Why me?’ And Lemmy wrote back, ‘Because Dave Grohl’s not available.'”

Although Matt Sorum was nervous as he didn’t have enough time to prepare for his first Motörhead show, the performance turned out great. Also, playing with an iconic rock band like Motörhead probably became an unforgettable memory for the musician.