Rob Trujillo’s Son Tye Picks His Favorite Metallica Album And Songs

Rob Trujillo’s son Tye Trujillo recently spoke to Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People and revealed his favorite record and tracks from Metallica‘s music catalog.

Like his father, Rob Trujillo, the longest-serving bassist for Metallica, Tye Trujillo also pursues a music career. Tye began playing the bass when he was just six years old and, with his father’s support, embarked on a music career at a young age. He performed with The Helmets and filled in for Korn’s Fieldy in 2017.

More recently, Tye Trujillo played the guitar tracks for Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ in the finale episode of season 4 of the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things.’ After that guitar performance, Tye became the center of attention of many Metallica fans and media platforms, and he received his father‘s and Kirk Hammett‘s praises.

In a recent interview, Little Punk People’s Elliott Fullam asked Tye Trujillo about playing the ‘Master Of Puppets’ riff for Stranger Things finale. He then went on to ask Tye which Metallica album is his favorite. As a response, Tye said his favorite is ‘Master Of Puppets’ because it features many great songs.

Moreover, Tye said his favorite songs from the ‘Master Of Puppets’ album were ‘The Thing That Should Not Be’ and ‘Leper Messiah.’ Although the fan favorite from this album is the all-time classic ‘Master Of Puppets,’ it seems Tye likes the two songs that were overshadowed by this classic.

Asked about his favorite Metallica record, Tye Trujillo said the following:

“I’m gonna probably say ‘Master Of Puppets,’ there are so many great songs on there, like ‘The Thing That Should Not Be’ and ‘Leper Messiah.'”

You can watch the rest of the interview and listen to the album below.