The Hollywood Vampires’ Johnny Depp Explains The Truth About His ‘Comeback’

Last month, during a press conference at Cannes Film Festival, which he attended to promote his new movie, ‘Jeanne du Barry,’ Johnny Depp made some comments about his new relationship with Hollywood. Recently, with a new video from the event released by photographer Greg Williams on Instagram, he talked about his ‘comeback’ to acting once again.

In the video, which showed him getting ready for his Cannes appearance, the Hollywood Vampires guitarist referred to his return to the festival by saying:

“Walking up the steps at the thing, I’ve done it a few times with different films over many years. It’s quite beautiful; when you’re at the receiving end, you just feel like, initially, you feel f-cking exposed.”

On the other hand, Depp rejected the idea of a ‘comeback’ and explained:

“I mean, you call it whatever you want, you could make it whatever you want but comeback? I mean, you have to go away to come back. I didn’t go nowhere. Maybe I was not thought of or looked at or allowed to be looked at.”

The actor admitted the scandals’ effect on his public image and career but was also sure of his ability to overcome struggles. He said:

“People can hit the bottom many times. You can drop straight to the bottom a billion fucking times, but if you’re lucky enough to find the basement, you’re alright, you know?”

At the Cannes press conference in May, Johnny Depp was asked whether he felt pushed out by Hollywood after the case against Amber Heard. In his answer, he hinted at his forced departure from some acting projects and mentioned the change in his perspective toward the industry.

Here’s what the guitarist said:

“Did I feel boycotted by Hollywood? You’d have to not have a pulse to feel like, ‘No. None of this is happening. It’s a weird joke.’ When you’re asked to resign from a film you’re doing because of something that is merely a function of vowels and consonants floating in the air, yes, you feel boycotted.

I don’t feel boycotted by Hollywood because I don’t think about Hollywood. It’s a strange, funny time where everybody would love to be able to be themselves, but they can’t. They must fall in line with the person in front of them. If you want to live that life, I wish you the best.”

A few days ago, the Hollywood Vampires member officially won the legal battle against his ex-wife. Heard finally paid the $1 million settlement money to the actor after a year.