Tommy Lee’s John 5 Comment Might Upset Mick Mars: ‘We Are In Heaven’

In a new interview with Spin, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee opened up about his bandmate John 5 and his experience of playing with him after Mick Mars’ departure.

The interviewer asked the drummer about John 5 playing with his band after performing with names like Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and David Lee Roth. In response, he mentioned the talents of his bandmate and said the band was ‘in heaven’:

“You know what? If you were to go up to him and go, ‘Dude, play me bluegrass meets classical,’ he would literally go, ‘Okay.’ A rock guitarist would never know how to play that. He can play f*cking anything, and it’s scary. He’s from another dimension. To me, at the end of the day, you can be the most incredible, influential, talented person on the planet, but if you’re an asshole, none of it matters. He is, hands down, the nicest man I know. He is such a fucking sweetheart. I mean, we’re in heaven. We just laugh the whole time and just groove on how fucking rad it is we get to all play together. It’s wild.”

John 5 Inspired Mötley Crüe

It’s been five years since Mötley Crüe last dropped new music for their biopic, The Dirt. Back then, the band assured fans that their work on the soundtrack was just a one-time thing, not a sign of a full-blown reunion on the horizon. Since then, they went on a world tour and retired Mick Mars and welcomed John 5 to fill in his shoes.

Fast forward to last week, Crüe made a comeback with a new song, ‘Dogs of War.’ According to Tommy Lee, John 5’s inclusion to the band and energy was what inspired the band to make new music. He explained during another interview:

“It’s sort of a timestamp of like, ‘Here’s where we’re at musically, right here, right now. We wanted to record some new stuff, because the energy from John 5 has really inspired us all.”

Mick Mars Thinks Crüe Made A Wise Choice

John 5 joined the band back in 2022 when Mars left the band for health-related issues. He officially became a part of Mötley Crüe during their Stadium Tour with Def Leppard in 2022.

In a chat with Guitar World, the former guitarist opened up about his thoughts on John 5 as a replacement of him in the band. He said the band made a very wise choice by picking the current guitarist:

“Well, I’ve never disliked John, I’ve always liked him and still do. He’s been a really good friend of mine for a long time. So I think they’ve made a very, very wise choice with John.”

You can hear the band’s new song below.