Hollywood Vampires’ Johnny Depp Says Amber Heard’s Allegations Cost Him Everything

Hollywood Vampires’ Johnny Depp has recently testified on his trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, and stated that her allegations cost him a lot and he will carry it for the rest of his life.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got married in 2015, but unfortunately, their marriage wasn’t as happy as expected. Heard filed a divorce in May 2016 by claiming that Depp physically and verbally abused him during their relationship. However, Depp repeatedly denied her accusations and asserted that it was the actress who became violent toward him.

Then, in 2018, Heard wrote an article in the Washington Post saying that she was a victim of domestic violence. Most people assumed it to be Johnny Depp due to her previous accusations, although she didn’t reveal him by name. Depp filed another lawsuit against her. After all these allegations, their court case expanded into a legal battle and negatively affected the actor’s career.  He was initially asked to leave his role in ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ and later on, his other film, ‘Minamata,’ was boycotted in the US.

In his testimony, Johnny Depp said Heard’s allegations cost him everything in his career. The actor stated that he was suddenly labeled a wife-beater, drunken, and a heavy drug user. Thus, when the news circulated worldwide, his career was already over. Depp also thinks that the trial’s outcome will not change anything since he will carry these allegations for the rest of his life.

Johnny Depp’s words on Heard’s allegations:

It cost me nothing less than everything. When the allegations were made, they were rapidly circling the globe, telling people I was a drunken, cocaine-fueled menace who beat women – suddenly, in my 50s – it’s over. I lost then. No matter the outcome of this trial, I will carry this for the rest of my days.

His testimony is set to resume in the following days. Depp admitted during his statements that the two had arguments during their relationship, but he never used violence against Heard.