Marilyn Manson Will Surrender To Police On Assault Charges For Spitting On A Camerawoman

According to Boston Globe which made a contact with Chief Anthony J. Bean Burpee, Marilyn Manson is set to turn himself in to the police and face assault charges following the active arrest warrant he had due to spitting on a camerawoman in one of his concerts.

Marilyn Manson was previously accused by some of his ex-girlfriends including Evan Rachel Wood and Ashley Morgan Smithline and many others of sexual and physical abuse. The Gilford Police Department also announced that Manson had an active arrest warrant because of a spitting incident with a camerawoman during one of his previous concerts.

According to the attendees’ statements, Manson kept spitting on the camerawoman and enjoyed her being irritated during his performance until the camerawoman left the show. However Manson’s lawyer Howard King denied the accusations by defining it as ludicrous and stated that he didn’t do it intentionally and it was part of one of his usual crazy performances.

Here’s what Howard King said:

“It is no secret to anyone who has attended a Marilyn Manson concert that he likes to be provocative on stage, especially in front of a camera. This misdemeanor claim was pursued after we received a demand from a venue videographer for more than $35,000 after a small amount of spit came into contact with their arm. After we asked for evidence of any alleged damages, we never received a reply.

This whole claim is ludicrous, but we remain committed to cooperating with authorities, as we have done throughout”

An attendee responded:

“He was spitting everywhere and one time it got on her camera so she wiped it off and looked semi-irritated. He noticed this and kept purposely spitting on her camera. I think her final straw is he got on the floor, got within 2-3 feet of her, and hacked a giant snot rocket at her not the camera. She was pissed off and disgusted so she stormed off and he just laughed.”

Recently, Chief Anthony J. Bean Burpee sent an email to Boston Globe to clear the fog about these accusations and the arrest warrant. He stated that Manson made an agreement with the police and he will surrender to the police to face the charges for spitting the camerawoman. Marilyn will probably get a jail sentence of up to one year and a $2,000 fine because of what he had done.

Burpee’s email read as follows:

“What this all means for us is that … it has forced Mr. Warner to finally address his outstanding NH warrant, which will, in turn, allow the victim of the crime to have her say/day in Court in order to hopefully hold Mr. Warner accountable for his actions.

The camerawoman seems she will finally have a chance to face Manson after what he had done to her as the chief believes that Marilyn won’t get away with it. The singer has several other legal troubles he has been dealing with, including the lawsuit filed by one of his ex-girlfriends, who remained unnamed, claiming that he raped her and forced her to watch a gruesome film depicting abuse of a groupie. Manson seems to be busy with all these accusations for a long time which already caused him to lose his record deal and most of his professional ties.