Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks Pens An Open Letter On The War In Ukraine

Since February 24, 2022, the world has been flooded with news from Ukraine as Russian President Vladimir Putin launched attacks and threatened the safety of the Ukrainian habitants. Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks recently spoke up about the attacks and stated her sadness, and she also invited people to donate and contribute to helping the citizens.

Ukraine received attacks from its neighboring country Russia suddenly and shockingly on February 24. The attacks cost unbelievable amounts of destruction in the city and forced people to leave their homes and hide in bunkers. Some of the ‘lucky’ ones were able to escape to the neighboring countries where they sought refuge.

Many countries condemned the war and showed their support to the Ukrainians. As well as many celebrities and rock stars started funds, dedicated concerts to the ones in need, and gathered money to donate. Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks recently shared an extensive statement about her love for Ukraine and asked her followers to help.

She stated that Ukraine has a special place in her heart and that it’s heartbreaking to see a World War breaking in front of her eyes at the age of 73. She stated that she defends freedom and supports those standing up for their country without giving up ‘now and forever.’ At the end of her message, she asked her followers to show their support by donating to ‘StandUpForUkraine.’

Here is her message:

Ukraine was like a fairy place to me. Somewhere I would really like to visit. To go and write – see the cities; meet the people.

And then the war began on February 24, 2022. At 73 years old, I never thought I would see in my lifetime flashes of things my mother and father told me about World War II. ‘Don’t forget what your father and I were fighting for. Don’t forget it.’ (That was after 9/11) Freedom. We were fighting for freedom. We were fighting for the freedom of the world.

The Ukrainians are fighting for their country – but they’re also fighting for you. One girl said, ‘I would like to say to the world, we will never surrender. We will never give up our land. We were born here, and we will die here if that is what is needed. We fight for the whole world. This is no longer just about us. He will destroy us all until there is nothing left – and then he will come for you.

Since that first day I became an honorary Ukrainian (in my mind), I fell in love with their great spirit and their incredible bravery. I stand with them now and forever.

We, as Global Citizens, need to take action and call upon the world leaders to pledge billions of dollars at Saturday’s pledging summit to help the millions of refugees in need. In addition to the world leaders, I ask you to join me in donating to StandUpForUkraine. No amount is too small. Together our donations can provide food, shelter, and medical care to the people displaced in what has become the largest war since World War II.

They need us; please help.

Stevie Nicks.”

You can see the tweet below.