Alex Lifeson Recalls Geddy Lee’s Awkward First Encounter With Robert Plant

Rush’s Alex Lifeson recently gave an interview to Guitar Magazine and opened up about Geddy Lee‘s first encounter with Robert Plant in 1998.

Unfortunately, Rush drummer Neil Peart’s passing in 2020 after losing his battle with brain cancer marked the end of the band. However, Alex Lifeson didn’t cut his ties with the music world and has kept contributing to many artists’ albums. Later on, in 2021, he formed a new band named Envy of None, with bassist Andy Curran, vocalist Maiah Wynne, and guitarist Alfio Annibalini.

The band’s self-titled debut studio album arrived on April 8, 2022. The album was recorded during the pandemic and combined industrial and alternative music elements. It was a departure from the style of Rush and showed Alex Lifeson’s technical competence from a new angle. After talking about the making process of this album and his long-term career, the guitarist revealed one of their memories with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant.

Lifeson was asked whether any artists made them star-struck when they met. Although they were also a very famous and respected band, the guitarist said many times. One of them was during a trip to Morocco in 1998. Geddy Lee encountered Robert Plant as they were staying in the same hotel. However, they passed by each other without any talk until the last day. Geddy Lee finally decided to go and talk to him. Plant gave him a warm welcome, and they started to chat. He also invited them to their Toronto show by saying that it would be great to see the two there.

Alex Lifeson speaking on Geddy Lee’s first encounter with Robert Plant:

“There were many times. But one that stands out for me was in 1998. Geddy was on a trip to Morocco, and he met Robert Plant as they were staying in the same hotel. But it wasn’t until the last day that they acknowledged each other; they’d sort of pass each other in the hall and kind of smile and nod their heads.

On that last day, Geddy said to his wife, ‘I’ve gotta go over and just thank him for what a great inspiration he was for me growing up as a musician.’ He went over to his table, you know we’re always uncomfortable to do something like that, and he said, ‘Excuse me, Robert, I just wanted to say…,’ and he said, ‘Oh, Geddy! Do sit down. Let’s have a glass of wine! Finally, I was waiting for you to come round!

The following day when they saw each other, Robert said, ‘We’re going to be in Toronto later this summer. Bring Alex down to the show. It would be great to see you.’ So we went down. We went up to the elevator, up to the dressing-room floor, and we were chatting with Robert. He’s such a wonderful person.”

After the release of Envy of None’s debut album, it was a matter of curiosity whether the band would embark on a tour to promote the album. However, Lifeson revealed they don’t intend to organize concert tours but can still perform a few shows.

You can listen to Envy of None’s album below.