Marilyn Manson Denies Accusations About The Spitting Incident After Turning Himself In

Marilyn Manson has denied the accusations about him spitting and blowing snot on a videographer after turning himself into the police.

As you already know, Marilyn Manson is among the most controversial musicians in the metal scene. Moreover, his stage performances have often disturbed the audience as he has gone as far as to cut himself during a live show and urinate on the audience. Apart from that, Manson is also struggling with over 15 sexual abuse accusations by his former partners.

The musician was also accused of spitting and blowing his nose on a female videographer during a concert in 2019. According to Susan Fountain, the videographer, she was in the venue’s stage pit area when the alleged assault happened. She then claimed that Manson approached her, came closer to the camera, and spit on her.

Following that, Fountain stated the musician came back again and covered one of his nostrils, blowing snot towards her. Fountain then said she left her camera and went to the restroom to wash her hands and arms. After she filed a lawsuit, Manson surrendered to police in July due to an arrest warrant.

Moreover, he was charged with two misdemeanor counts of simple assault due to the incident on August 19, 2019. If he were convicted, this would result in a $2,000 fine and a jail sentence of less than a year.

As reported by Deadline, an attorney for Manson entered the not guilty plea and a wavier of arraignment on behalf of the musician in Laconia District Court. A case status hearing has been scheduled for December 27. As it seems, Marilyn Manson cannot stop himself from getting into trouble.